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20-Nov-2017 20:17

How do love relationships turn from good to evil without people ever realizing it? Neil Mc Arthur is a philosopher at the University of Manitoba in Canada.She was having an affair with an ex-NFL player by the name of Eric Naposki behind Mc Laughlin's back. What happens when a police officer uses their training to plan, commit, and cover up a murder? Ryan Jenkins was a self-proclaimed millionaire who chased reality show fame by appearing on several contest style reality shows.

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We read Racine’s Phaedra or Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and we see people captured by passion, acting in defiance of all sense or explanation.

It would take me forever to grow one, and I haven’t had any reason to try. Facial hair was seen as a 1970s thing – something your dad or Burt Reynolds might wear.

Then, one day, there were hipsters and, within a few short years, magazines were filled with bearded models, and razor-makers were in a panic over falling sales.

Meaning that, when we look for sex, we are actually, unbeknown even to ourselves, acting in ways that are highly strategic and rational.

We are using adaptive techniques that humans developed over our species’ long history, in order to maximise their genes’ chances for survival.

In the four decades since it was first developed, this strategic theory of desire has become a dominant paradigm in psychology, and a familiar feature of media discussions of sexual behaviour.

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