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30-Nov-2017 00:36

Welcome in the world of Social Media from where you can enjoy with your social life.

This Social App provides the all your social link at one place.

Veemee Video allows you to create amazing animated messages and share them with the world. Easy to use and easy to connect with stranger people. For any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us! Viber is a phone call and text messaging app that lets you keep in touch with your friends and family for free no matter where they live. A FREE fun new way to connect in real-time with local People & Venues via your mobile!

Simply pick a pre-set character, or create your own with the Veemee Avatar Creator*, then record your voice into your phone. With this service, you can contact any other Viber user without racking up long distance charges or any other additional fees. Find out what’s happening at cafes, bars, pubs, gigs & clubs all around you through real-time Video Snippets posted by other Ice Breakers/Venues in your area PLUS meet new People AND access Exclusive Local Venue Offers Cool & Different Features:-- Ice Break & instant message with other Ice Breakers: Find out in real-time where others are hanging out, ask them to upload a Video Snippet or Image of what’s happening where they are so you can decide whether to join them - or not!

• Save & share your creations using any messaging app or post on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram & more.* Don't forget to create your own custom Veemee character! Signup for an account and collect your 2000 free Gems! * Want your Veemee to become your live wallpaper experience? Features for Instagram• Non-Followers: Find users whom you follow but who do not follow you back.

• Record your voice and watch your Veemee come to life. Discover hot places and what's happening right now : a star has been spotted in your area, an exhibition is live and you can see the pictures taken by people inside, there is a huge ambiance at the party where you hesitate to go, there is a rock concert at Madison Square Garden etc. Free adult fast chat for women and men from all over the world! Easy to use private chat and global chatjust click on any name or image from the list and start to chat immediately with any male or female you like! With Follow Back, getting more followers on Instagram becomes real easy.