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[More] CAMS-detected number of video Ursids on December 22, 2016, compared to overall radio forward meteor scatter counts. Paper in JIMO 2017, January 20 - The Journal of the International Meteor Organization published our paper confirming the delta Mensids shower, based on observations from the CAMS New Zealand network.IAU Central Bureau Electronic Telegram 4363 2017, February 20 - CAMS California detected an outburst of Ursids on December 22, 2016, caused by the 1076 A. CAMS-detected October Camelopardalids radiant positions. IAU Central Bureau Electronic Telegram 4329 2016, October 12 - The dust trail of an unknown long-period comet wandered in Earth's path on October 5.

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They were found in some of the pristine meteorites we recovered in our past case studies, including Novato and Chelyabinsk.

CAMS Confirmation of Previously Reported Meteor Showers III.