Dating the exodus

08-Jan-2018 07:48

But, from their own perspective, they were considered Hebrews.

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Tomb paintings of agricultural scenes, from field work to picking and pressing grapes, show foreigners labouring.

However, it is possible that the Hebrews had travelled outside the Holy Land –similar to an American being found in Mexico. ” However, it is possible for both of these terms to describe the Hebrews.

From an outsider’s perspective, the Hebrews were nomads –men without a country.

For instance, they have found black pricked ware, vases, oil Basks, scarabs, toggle pins, tombs, and temples dating to the period when people supposedly didn’t live!

Since Jericho was destroyed roughly 40 years after the Exodus, this helps us to date the Exodus.

The pictoral and textual information illustrates that the Egyptians indeed treated foreigners in the manner described in the book of Exodus.

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