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16-Jun-2017 22:48

These large tissue paper banners have 10 bright multi-colored panels (14" x 18") and extend 18' long.

One panel has a detailed skeleton bride and groom and the other says "amor eterno" (eternal love) over flowers and sugar skulls.

All of our banners are made by one the finest master papel picado artists in Mexico! They chose their names with wedding date for one panel, flower basket for second panel and pair of doves with heart and "Felicidades" on third panel. Add a festive touch to your wedding Want that traditional romantic feel of Mexico at your wedding?

Papel picado banner strings have been used in front of churches and in patio reception in Mexico for hundreds of years.

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We would need a 50% non-refundable deposit to begin the work with the balance due upon completion." data-og-url="https:// data-canonical-url="https:// data-amphtml-url=" favorite part about save-the-dates is that they aren't your wedding invitations.For those who are not into the skeleton thing, we offer beautiful papel picado banners in traditional designs, oilcloth tablecloths for receptions and rehearsal dinners, hand made flowers & milagros to make any wedding a FIESTA!All white panels, doves, hearts, church, wedding cake, flower basket, novios, etc. * Large paper banner B1030 per strand Celebrate love with a colorful Mexican tradition dating back to the 17th century.

These hand-cut tissue paper banners can flutter overhead in the garden for your first amorous embrace - gardenia scented.

When your mother-in-law freaks out, just remind her, “til death do us part! Banners are 6" high x 9" wide and are mounted on an 18" long dowel.