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13-Jun-2017 17:57

Then move into more obvious regions of pleasure to stoke the Scorpio’s fiery passion.

The Scorpio is an adventurous lover, willing to explore the darker realms of lust, so be prepared.

The Scorpio may look like an open book, full of love and energy, but behind that shield is the real person.

That’s because revealing the real person is akin to relinquishing a level of control, which is not in a Scorpio’s nature.

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Of course, there is a dangerous side to all of that emotion.If you aren’t comfortable with anything more than conventional lovemaking, a Scorpio may be a little too wild for you.A Scorpio’s dominant nature means there is also a high probability of a jealous nature. A sexual relationship with a Scorpio can leave you breathless, but it can also leave you with plenty of questions.

Scorpios are passionate and intense, but they also hold something back, to keep you guessing.

To discuss Scorpio compatibility we need to look at Scorpio in combination with each of the other sun signs.