Updating hardware database

20-Oct-2017 02:24

So it would be wise decision to just leave it as it can lead to more complications.Rule 4:- Treat duplicate non-uniform data as your biggest enemy Focus and refactor duplicate data.Below are my own 11 rules which I remember on the top head while doing DB design.Rule 1:- What is the Nature of the application(OLTP or OLAP)?

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For instance in the below diagram you can see "5th Standard" and "Fifth standard" means the same.One of the examples of repeating groups is explained in the below diagram.If you see the syllabus field closely, in one field we have too much data stuffed.These kinds of fields are termed as "Repeating groups".

If we have to manipulate this data, the query would be complex and also I doubt performance of the queries.Now you can say due to bad data entry or poor validation the data has come in to your system.