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A friend of mine recently had a conversation with him and he shared with her that he is "seeing someone" and broke it down to say to her, "He's investigating that possibility still and is willing to go there if his investigation yields promising results" in regards to the girl he's seeing.My question is, would it be wrong or leading myself astray if I still attempted to get to know him and possibly pursue something romantic?Men are also supposed to be attracted to younger women for evolutionary reasons.It's harder for men to spread their seed in the barren, cob-webbed wasteland that is an older woman's vagina, if you catch my meaning!Well, Ashton, the very succinct and basic answer to that is: sexism. A more concrete reason, however, is that women aren't supposed to age. Now, let's sit on my hearth, and I'll make you some Ovaltine. People judge older women for dating younger men for the same reason that cats lick their assholes—because they can.There is a guy I'm interested in, and I want to get to know him better.We have had a few conversations about basic business or networking.

I’m wondering if you are (perhaps unconsciously) feeling this pressure to “pick a side already!

But most women are considered "past their prime" well before these ladies.

Since a woman's worth is largely tied to her desirability as a sexual object, and men are supposed to want the latest and greatest, fresh-off-the-factory-line models, cougar/cub relationships throw a sensible shoe into the "natural" order.

I wasn't in very reliable or healthy relationships for most of my sexual life until recently. Sex researchers like Meredith Chivers, Sarah Merrill and Lisa Diamond have been saying for years that sexual arousal doesn’t always neatly line up with one’s sexual identity or even behavior.

I've fallen in love with a woman who is gay and asks about my bisexual history semi-regularly. Maybe I never had good long-term relationships and chose men who were self-fulfilling assholes because some part of me knew I wouldn't love them long term? Diamond tracked 100 women who experienced same-sex attractions for a decade and found that those who identified as lesbians also said they were periodically attracted to and even sexually active with men.

I'm just wondering if I'm wasting my time since he is "seeing someone."—Time-Waster I will get to your problem, but first I must take issue with the fact that your potential beau described his current relationship as if he were a robot discussing seed germination. It seems like his relationship isn't super serious.

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